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Partnerships for Success (PfS) is a model, a strategy, to build and enhance a community’s ability and capacity to more effectively prevent and deal with youth and adolescent problem behavior and to promote positive youth development.

The PfS Geauga planning process began in September 2004 and consisted of four stages:

KC Henry and PFS RepresentativePfS Coordinator and Academy Coach


  • Needs Assessment: The goal of needs assessment was to define broad targets for change in the community (called Targeted Impacts), and factors (risk, protection, and assets) that are most closely associated with the Targeted Impacts.
  • Resource Assessment: The goal of the resource assessment was to create a realistic profile of current programs, services, and activities in the community addressing the Targeted Impacts identified in the needs assessment.
  • Identification of Strategic Actions: The goal of the third stage was to analyze gaps in the system and develop a five-year strategic plan that captures the work groups’ thoughts about how best to address problem behaviors and promote youth development.
  • Implementation of the strategies developed in PfS process. Implementation results: Three strategies were identified for Geauga County: (1) to implement All Stars, an evidence-based prevention program into Geauga County schools (see All Stars Program for details); (2) to implement a community awareness campaign aimed at encouraging parents to address the issue of underage substance us with their children (see PAAC Campaign details); and (3) to implement a preventative mental health-based program into preschool and elementary school curriculums. (Although this 3rd strategy could not be funded by PfS, Geauga County JFS, a key partner in PfS, helped develop and now funds the DECA Program (Geauga GROW)  in 21 preschool and child care center classrooms..

PfS Ohio Academy

Helping Ohio’s at-risk children succeed in life and in school is the focus of the Ohio Partnerships for Success Academy created as part of the Center for Learning Excellence at The Ohio State University. The Center received the contract to operate the Academy in support of the new Ohio Family and Children First Partnerships for Success Initiative.

Geauga Community Impact (GCI)

GCI is a collaboration of community leaders from local businesses, faith groups, law enforcement, health care, government and neighborhoods that have come together to plan for the future of Geauga County’s health and human service needs. Geauga Family First Council has been one of five major partners in the GCI Project.  In addition,  PfS played an integral role in researching, identifying, and responding to youth needs for GCI.

JoannAll-Stars Coordinator


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