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PfS Postcard Campaign
Against Underage Drinking 2007

To increase parental awareness about underage drinking among Geauga teens, Geauga Family First Council ran a 2nd phase of the postcard campaign that started in 2006.  The 2007 campaign theme was:  '21' is The Legal Drinking Age — Teens Can Live With That.  A series of shocking postcards depicting the consequences of alcohol use were sent to parents of high schoolers in the Spring of 2007.  The postcards were intended to get parents' attention and spark discussion with their teenagers about the negative consequences of alcohol use.

The postcards were mailed to approximately 4,000 families.  The 2007 campaign was sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation, University Hospitals — Geauga Medical Center, and the Chardon Community Action Team.


Postcard 1 - We ID, too.

Postcard 2 - What doors will alcohol open for your child?   It's a sobering thought.

Postcard 3 - Where will Your Daughter Spend Afterprom?

Postcard 4 - Where have you drawn the line with your kids?

Postcard 5 - We thought it would be OK if we took their keys.

Postcard 6 - ACT Score: 27.  Blood Alcohol Score: .1

Postcard Campaign Against Underage Drinking 2007 - ACT Score: 27.  Blood Alcohol Score: .1

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Ad Council Prevention Campaign

Ad Council Prevention Campaign

"Research shows that young people who start dinking before the age of 15 are five times more likely to have alcohol related problems later in life."

Surgeon General's Call to Action,
March, 2007

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